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Typhoon 1419 Vongfang

Tyhpoon Vongfang has been blowing its way through Okinawa this weekend. While the media has been hyping it as the strongest storm this year, the majority of the fury was spent over open seas. While there have been strong winds since early Friday morning, and Okinawa is still in the *red* zone, the danger has mostly passed since the typhoon has weakened to category 1. As for Kumejima, were all safe if still in lock-down. Unfortunately, the timing has led

Typhoon 1215

This weekend Typhoon 1215 is hitting with a lot of force.  You can check out the path and information in English on the Japanese Meteorological Administration’s website. It’s interesting for me how many natural disasters Japan is prone to.  Mainland Japan gets a few every year, and even more in the south around Okinawa.  Most of the time, typhoons aren’t a big deal because buildings here are meant to withstand earthquakes and strong winds.  The yellow circle in the picture above