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Big Leagues in Small Towns

Baseball is huge in Japan.  As I write this, the teacher’s room TV is set to the World Baseball Classic where Japan is up against Puerto Rico.  Will they win?  I have no idea, but there will definitely be plenty of fans watching to find out (turns out they lost the WBC for the first time ever).  Unlike in the states where baseball goes for a single season, and is quickly replaced, sports in Japan tend to be played all

Spring Ensoku – The School Outing

Every Year students around Japan have days specifically set aside for school outings.  Unlike western field trip that usually have some sort of cultural theme, Japanese Ensoku are usually geared towards giving the students time outside to enjoy nature.   Elementary Elementary ensoku are usually comprised of a walk to local landmark or park where students play, eat, and learn.  The walk is a physical activity that gets the students outside and allows them to visit local areas in a

School Entrance Ceremonies

You may have noticed an unintentional theme running through a lot of my posts lately.  Although it is April, things are starting afresh, in Japan.  Since many aspects of Japanese Culture are tied so closely to the seasons, a throw back to the long agricultural tradition for much of Japan, many of the events and happenings around Japan reflect the rebirth and growth so strongly symbolized by the Sakura blossoms that are working their way north. This week, throughout Japan, new

Spring on Sports

Spring is here, and with a new school and financial year in Japan come new ways to bind new co-workers together into a community.  In some places, this happens via sports.  Throughout the year, there are local competitions supported by the local government and other organizations.  The first competition for the new year was Softball and provided many companies the opportunity to build teamwork between old and incoming members.  Both Junior and Elementary school teachers formed teams to compete against teams from

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