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School Lunch in Okinawa October 1-4

Monday October 1 Menu: Milk, barley rice, cabbage chanpuru, baked miso fish fillet, clear broth root vegetable soup Review: Its been about three weeks since I’ve had any of these meals.  Normally, I’d have expected two weeks of American food to wash away any true memory of the dishes.  Strangely, this trip I was disappointed by food I ate.  I went and searched out all the foods that had strong memory ties, yet they all felt flat compared to my memories,

School Lunch in Japan September 3-7

Monday September 3 Milk, pork curry rice with pickled vegetable, fruit salad with beans Although we had school last week and lunch to go with it, the official start of the second semester began with September.  It’s common to begin and end with favorites, so today we had curry rice with thinly sliced pork worked in and a side of fruit cocktail and beans for extra protein.  It may be hard to see, but there were also a bit of

School Lunch April 9-11

It’s BACK!  School started up again, so this week we have three meals for the new year. Monday April 9               Milk, barley rice, fried egg with mozuku, combu irichi, miso soup This lunch’s main dish is thinly sliced seaweed (combu) tossed with other vegetables and meat in a fry pan (or wok).  The soup had shitake mushrooms and pork. Tuesday April 10               Milk, bread rolls, cabbage

School Lunch and Sobetsukai Food

Thursdays are my usual day to post about the previous week’s food in Japanese Junior High and Elementary Schools.    The Heisei 23 school year is out, however, so below last Thursday’s Meal I’ve included some pictures of the kinds of food served at the more formal school sobetsukais I attended. Thursday March 22 Milk, millet rice, baked salmon, sesame dressed spinach salad, dashi soup, satsuma potato mochi This meal was on the high side of Japanese, and was decent

School Lunch March 1-7

Thursday March 1               Milk, Taco Rice, Seaweed Soup, Grape Fruit Taco Rice is a classic Okinawan adaptation of the Mexican taco.  Instead of shell or tortilla meat, cheese, and vegetables are placed over white rice.  This meal is saved from being a corn-dog by the accompanying seaweed soup with tofu.  Something you’d be hard pressed to find in Mexico.  For an awesomely healthy version of this dish, try my recipe. One drawback to

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