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Making Miso Onigiri (Riceballs)

Onigiri are the original Japanese fast food.  An onigiri is simply a rice ball.  Like bread to westerners, onigiri is the go to food on the move.  Its portable, easy to make, and contains plenty of calories.  Today there are a lot of different types of onigiri in different shapes and sizes.  Here’s a deliciously easy version that will take you a step or two past plain rice.  Its also something you can make with the left over miso after

Chahan Recipe – Okinawan Fried Rice

This version of Chahan is an Okinawan take on fried rice. Like many Okinawan dishes it is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine. Modern Chahan also often has an American influence in the addition of spam as a low-cost protein. Below is a yet quick take on this Okinawan favorite. If you feel up to the challenge, try my Advanced Chahan recipe. Ingredients 3 servings cooked white rice 1 piman (green pepper) 1 tamanegi (onion) 1 package frozen vegetables 2 large


It’s the New Year, and in Japan that means its time for mochi!   Mochi is a Japanese treat made from pounded rice.  While mochi is now eaten throughout the year, it’s a favorite for the New Year’s season.  It’s generally served as a stuffed dumpling with fillings varying by region, taste, and tradition.  On the left is a sweet bean filled mochi served on a getto leaf. How to Make Mochi Mochi starts out as cooked (steamed) white rice.   Small


Just as stoves are different in Japan, compared to those in America, so too are ovens.  Many of the reasons are the same, but Japan’s history plays its role here too.  Japanese ovens are usually small electric affairs rather than built-in behemoths.  As with many Japanese appliances, ovens are packed with features.  Mine steams, microwaves, grills, and has several oven settings all in one compact box.  The size fits with the smaller kitchens and lack of space in some Japanese houses.

Eggplant and Goya Taco Rice

Taco Rice is a staple of Okinawan cuisine.  A Japanese take on a Mexican or Spanish Taco it is generally served with taco meat over rice with cheese and occasionally some garnish.  This dish, like many Okinawan foods is simple in that it is mostly protein and carbs.  Unfortunately, it leaves much to be desired for vitamins etc.  My take on Taco Rice includes four vegetables to give it more of a kick. Hope you like it. Ingredients 400g (about