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2013 Kume Island Shrimp Festival

Just two days ago, on November 23, Kume Island held its annual Kuruma Shrimp Festival. The festival is small, but popular with visitors coming from outside of Okinawa for a unique chance to see and taste the prized shrimp (they’re actually prawns but you get the idea). The festival started off with the usual welcoming speeches by the town tourism office, mayor, and shrimp industry representatives. Workers from the four local farms and the Okinawa shrimp cooperative sent the season’s

Ceremony for a New Japanese House

This past week I was invited to attend a ceremony commemorating the construction of a new house.  Houses are pretty important in Japan.  Traditionally, families tend to stay on the same land for generations.  With today’s technology, houses are also expected to last a long time.  The construction of a new house, then is an important occasion for the family, community, and even the construction crew responsible for its creation.  When the concrete settles, an event is held to make

Kiyomizu Temple – Kyoto

Kyomizu Temple in Kyoto is one of the most famous landmarks in all Japan.  The temple is famous for its high-flying construction, built 13 meters above a spring and supported by elaborate heavy wooden beam scaffolding.  I was lucky enough to visit a while back and thought I’d share some pictures with you.  Its a must see if you’re in the Kansai region of Japan. Find out more on Wikipedia.

Kumejima’s Kimono Fashion Show

This past weekend was the Kumejima Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival.  There were many events, but by far the best attended was the Tsumugi Kimono fashion show at the Kumejima Cultural Center (aka museum).  One of Kumejima’s many exports are hand-made kimono.  These kimono are made from silk that is harvested, spun, dyed, and woven by hand on the island.  This year many of the kimono were shown at this special event.  Here are a few highlights.

Kumejima Sakura Festival Photos

I’ve been posting a lot about sakura , but changing with the seasons really is a big part of Japanese culture.  There were so many events last week that its unfortunate the weather didn’t play a better partner.  With clouds and rain it was hard to get too many spectacular shots, but the party still went on.  I performed with a local band Saturday (technical problems led no video of that, sorry!) there was food and a tea garden, plus

Friday Flowers

Here are a few more Sakura pictures I took this week.  Tomorrow marks the start of the Festival events.  I’ll be performing with a brass band on Saturday and singing in the Kareoke contest Sunday.  Wish me luck! What do you think of these photos?

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

Here are a few of the critters that I saw while on the Ara Forest Path.  The birds are Okinawan White eyes (Mejiro), the bees are, well, doing what they do best, and the butterfly was just a chance encounter.  Enjoy!  More to come on Friday. Oh yea… Welcome to February! Which is your favorite photo?  Drop me a note in comments.

Ara Forest Path

Here is what I learned while making this video: I’m probably not supposed to be an actor. I do much better behind the camera. My pictures? Turned out pretty good right? Film.. eh it was shot on my phone so can’t complain. Narration? Not going to win any awards. Bits of me talking on camera, or using the front facing camera on the phone? Yea, cause those made it in…

Hatenohama: The White Sand Beach

  Hatenohama is probably the single most beautiful beach in Okinawa.  It’s also one of the most remote.  Off shore of Kumejima Island, its a strip of sand that stretches out towards Okinawa in the East China Sea. View Larger Map The beach is in the center of a huge area of shallow water protected by a ring of coral and rock outcroppings. Over thousands of years the tidal actions in the protected area have built up what is now Hatenohama. I