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2015 Gasashi Wakachara Kumiodori on Kumejima

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here on morethingsjapanese.com.  While I expect most of my regular readers have since moved on, I’m still alive and kicking here on Kumejima. Work and married life have taken up most of the free time I used to operate this blog over the last five years. Still, when I find a chance, I’ll use it to add a post and a picture or two (or 37). The other day students on Kume Island

Kumejima Kumiodori

If you keep up with my Facebook page’s daily photos you might have seen the post below a few weeks ago from the Ancient Tales of Yomitan Village production that the Kume Island Board of Education brought to Kume Island to entertain and inform. Post by Benjamin Martin. That production started off a lot of discussions with the Tao Factory writers and producers and in just a short time they began working on a new production based on Kume Island’s

Ancient Tales of Yomitan Village

Theater is just as much a part of Japanese culture as Broadway is a part of America.  It certainly is no longer the main form of entertainment, but it is an important one.  There are two major types of Japanese theater.  Nou is masked performance, while kabuki was geared more for the masses with song dance and drama. I was fortunate to get an invitation to view a version of kabuki currently playing around Okinawa.  The play is titled 読谷山花織の宴 (untanza