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2014 New Years Cards

2014 New Years Cards

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for Nengajo, New Year’s hagaki greeting cards in Japan. Since it can be impractical to actually call everyone you know on New Years Day, post cards have become a popular way to keep in touch during the holidays. As you might imagine there are a lot of ways to go about preparing your New Year’s Cards. Stock The easiest way to do Nengajo is to simply go to your local post office

2012 Year in Review

First off thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read More Things Japanese this year.  Though the blog has been going since 2010, it really jumped forward this year after moving to its new domain (morethingsjapanese.com) in January, and with my vast increase of posts (from once in a while to every day for a while).  I’ve scaled back to around once a week since that hectic workload gave me no time to work on my fiction.

Cross Cultures – Holidays in Japan and America

All this month on my radio show Haisai English we’ve been playing Christmas music and talking about the differences and similarities between the American and Japanese holidays.  The overall theme we’ve found is that in many ways, Christmas and New Years are flipped between the two countries. Christmas in Japan In Japan, like many holidays, Christmas is promoted by stores as a way to sell products.  Just as the Japanese version of Valentines’ Day was essentially created by chocolatiers, PR firms promote the

Hagaki for New Years 2013

New Years is perhaps the biggest holiday in Japan.  In a lot of ways it is like Christmas in the states.  It is a holiday for families to come together, eat special foods, and even pray. Last year I experienced variations on New Years celebrations and there are a lot of things families can do. This holiday is so important because it marks the change between new and old. December then, is the time to prepare for this important season.

The 16th Day- Kyureki New Year for the Dead

I work at several schools, but on a fairly regular schedule, so while I don’t get calendars for each week, I usually know where to show up and for how long.  I’ve been in Japan over 3.5 years so I’m usually ready for the events and holidays. I should mention that while I have lived in Okinawa-ken the whole 4+ years, I used to be on an island settled by people from near Tokyo, and am now on an Island

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