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Natto is one of those foods many people hear about when learning about Japan.  I remember being told how bad is smelled and that most westerners didn’t like the taste.  For a long time after arriving in Japan it was easy enough to forgo what I thought would be a bad experience.  Natto is often eaten as a breakfast food, and since I live alone, I can eat whatever I make for breakfast. Still, the day finally came when it

Kiyomizu Temple – Kyoto

Kyomizu Temple in Kyoto is one of the most famous landmarks in all Japan.  The temple is famous for its high-flying construction, built 13 meters above a spring and supported by elaborate heavy wooden beam scaffolding.  I was lucky enough to visit a while back and thought I’d share some pictures with you.  Its a must see if you’re in the Kansai region of Japan. Find out more on Wikipedia.

Kumejima Sakura Festival Photos

I’ve been posting a lot about sakura , but changing with the seasons really is a big part of Japanese culture.  There were so many events last week that its unfortunate the weather didn’t play a better partner.  With clouds and rain it was hard to get too many spectacular shots, but the party still went on.  I performed with a local band Saturday (technical problems led no video of that, sorry!) there was food and a tea garden, plus

The 16th Day- Kyureki New Year for the Dead

I work at several schools, but on a fairly regular schedule, so while I don’t get calendars for each week, I usually know where to show up and for how long.  I’ve been in Japan over 3.5 years so I’m usually ready for the events and holidays. I should mention that while I have lived in Okinawa-ken the whole 4+ years, I used to be on an island settled by people from near Tokyo, and am now on an Island

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