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How Miso is Made

Ever wonder what miso is?  If you’ve been to Japan or eaten at a Japanese restaurant, you’ve likely had or at least seen miso.  I remember my first time having miso soup.  I was in college trying out a little Japanese restaurant that had popped up just outside the UofA.  I was pretty green as far as Japanese food went so I ordered teriyaki chicken (I’m sure the chef was thinking all kinds of bad things about me).  Before the

School Lunch April 19-25

Thursday April 19                 Milk, barley rice, meat balls, gourd stir-fry, miso soup, apple jelly This week had a delicious stir-fry with combu and kanpyou (dried gourd shavings).  The miso soup had enoki (long white mushrooms with small caps), and seaweed.  The meatballs were Japanese-style with a slightly sweet sauce. Friday April 24               Milk, Okinawa Soba, Chingensai and beansprout salad, orange Here’s an Okinawan classic.  Soba are buckwheat

Making Miso Onigiri (Riceballs)

Onigiri are the original Japanese fast food.  An onigiri is simply a rice ball.  Like bread to westerners, onigiri is the go to food on the move.  Its portable, easy to make, and contains plenty of calories.  Today there are a lot of different types of onigiri in different shapes and sizes.  Here’s a deliciously easy version that will take you a step or two past plain rice.  Its also something you can make with the left over miso after

School Lunch February 16-22

Thursday February 16 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Milk, millet (awa) rice, stir fry vegetables, ‘fat’ tofu soup, orange So this one is a bit hard to translate, but its high on the Japanese side of things. The ‘bubble’ rice is regular white rice mixed with a small yellow round grain. If anyone knows what it is in English please comment! Update: Thanks to dave for the correct translation of awa! I had it marked as ‘bubble’ before.