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High School and Hawaiian Festivals

Events abound in Japan’s Autumn, and although the weather still feels of summer, Fall is definitely in swing. This weekend saw a slew of events on Kume Island, dissimilar but also with underlying threads of culture to connect them. High School Festival Kume Island has only one high school for the entire island. It has a variety of classes for its students, but with such a wide range of classes it is difficult for them to fit every activity into

2013 Kume Island Festival Day 1

Every year, Kume Island hosts a two-day festival in August, usually right before the Okinawan obon holidays.  This year, the festival took place on August 18th and 19th.  While many of the events, booths, and entertainments were similar to last year, this year marked the return of the giant tug-o-war.  For a bit of the history, skip down to the More on Kume Festival section. 2013 Schedule August 16 Time Event 16:00-17:15 Young Live – High School performance 17:45 Opening

East meets … Farther East

  There are a lot of different azas (字) on Kumejima.  An aza is smaller than a village, but bigger than a neighborhood.  Each one has its own community center and most host different events throughout the year.  Kanegusuku-aza‘s claim to fame is the Murashibi festival on September 12.  It falls every year on the full moon in September, dating back to when Japan used the lunar calendar.  This is one of the unique events only in Kumejima, and is