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School Lunch in Okinawa October 22-31

Monday October 22 Milk, autumn rice, baked mackerel, cabbage and sesame salad, root vegetable soup Monday’s meal highlights one of the major strengths of Japanese cuisine: seasonal ingredients.  The rice was infused with flavors and vegetables that are ripe in autumn.  Along side the rice was a salad of cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables in sesame dressing, a clear broth soup with root vegetables, and a slice of baked mackerel. Tuesday October 23 Milk, Chinese rice bowl, wakame (seaweed) soup, orange This

School Lunch in Japan for Sept 10-28

Things have been interesting around here for the last few weeks.  My novel is out, we got hit with typhoon 1216 and 1217 and there was a sports festival thrown in.  Why does any of this matter in a School Lunch post?  Well in Japan, or at least on my island, all of this tends to mess with 1. my ability to get a school lunch,  2. My ability to remember to take pictures of them, and 3. My ability to actually

The Last School Lunch Before Summer

This is it.  The last week of school lunches before students go to summer break and I go back to eating convenience store bentos (lunch boxes) for the next month.  I’m going to miss the variety and relative healthiness (and standardized portions) of school food.  Since students aren’t in school, I’ll be working at my local Board of Education.  Most other teachers will alternate summer vacation days with work at school.  When they’re in town they’ll likely alternate between bentos, going out

School Lunch in Okinawa for July 9-13

Monday July 9 Milk, wakame rice, shredded vegetable stir fry, skewered meatballs, and mozuku miso soup, miso cookie Today’s meal had a variety of sea plants featured in the cooking.  In the rice, shredded wakame, a type of seaweed, gave a little extra flavor to the usual white rice.  In the soup, another common local seaweed, mozuku, complimented the rich miso flavors.  The stir fry  had a multitude of vegetables, including dried daikon (white radish) and konnyaku (a jelly made

School Lunch in Okinawa Japan for July 2-6

Monday July 2 Milk, barley rice, mozuku stuffed fried egg, daikon bushii, orange Monday’s meal was on the far side of tasty, but for me it wasn’t much of a surprise since daikon was featured so heavily in the bushii.  Stewed daikon (giant white radish) isn’t something you’ll find a whole lot in the West, but its got such a unique mild flavor to it.  The bushii is essentially a light stew of pork, daikon, and other root vegetables that

School Lunch in Japan for June 26-29

Tuesday June 26 Milk, barley rice, goya chanpuru, fried fish, clear soup Thanks to last week’s Dragon Boat Festival, there was no school for my junior highs on Monday.  We started off the shortened week with an Okinawan meal of fried banana fish and goya chanpuru.  The fish was covered in a light tempura batter and fried, followed up with a clear soup of komatsuna. Wednesday June 27 Milk, barley rice, shrimp and vegetable dumplings, vegetable and oyster stir fry,

School Lunch in Japan for June 18-22

Monday June 18 Milk, millet rice, minced meat stuffed inari, stir fry vegetables, kenchin soup, apple  This lunch was a somewhat strange mix of flavors.  Inari is a soybean product similar to tofu.  They are little pockets made from bean curd in a slightly sweet sauce.  Usually they are stuffed with sushi rice and served cold.  This version paired the same slightly sweet inari flavor with meat, which was strange for me but quite edible.  The rest of the meal

School Lunch in Japan June 12-15

Tuesday June 12 Milk, a-sa chanhan, fried gyoza, chingensai soup This meal hits a lot of Okinawan flavors. The chahan is a typical Okinawan fried rice flavored with dashi and garlic, but with a-sa, a local sea plant that is also often used in soups. The gyoza are originally from China but are tastily adapted in a variety of ways throughout Japan. With my island being so close to China, it’s no wonder we get unique twists between the two

School Lunch in Japan for June 4-8

Monday June 4 Milk, hijiki rice, sweet and sour chingensai, fatty tofu soup, almonds The main course for this meal was a type of fried rice with hijiki seaweed mixed in.  Hijiki is a small black plant.  The salad was chingensai (a leafy vegetable), ham, and other vegetables in a aemono, or sweet pickling dressing.  The soup was broken tofu and onion. Tuesday June 5 Milk, barley rice, sautéed burdock, fried kibinago, daikon clear soup, purple potato chips This meal

School Lunch in Japan May 24 – Jun 1

Thursday May 24 Milk, chahan, lotus root steamed dumpling, vegetable soup Oh chahan, you can never go wrong with chahan.   A delicious mix of rice, fried pork, egg, and vegetables all in one dish.  Along side, we had two lotus blossom meat steamed dumplings (a mouth full for sure!) and a hearty Chinese vegetable soup with chingensai, pork, carrot, and mushroom, and more. This type of meal reflects the strong Chinese influence in the Okinawan islands.  A local fusion

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