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2013 Kumejima Sakura Festival

January 26th marked the beginning of the 2013 Kumejima Sakura Festival.  Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) are an important symbol marking the change of seasons in Japan.  As the weather begins to warm, cherry trees sprout beautiful flowers in a range of colors from white to red.   Since Okinawa is so far south, cherry blossoms begin to arrive in January.  They work their way north through April.  During this time, people flock to areas with cherry trees to picnic, drive, and


For your entertainment, here’s a bit of me singing 島の人よ by 池田卓 (thats Shima no Hito yo by Suguru Ikeda), for the Kumejima Sakura Festival Karaoke competition.  I ended up getting fourth.  The prizes included a shampoo set (made from the deep-sea water from Kume), Mozuku, and a bottle of awamori. Karaoke is a popular cultural activity in Japan.  Often groups will rent rooms, etc.  with friends and sing, eat and drink together.  It’s a convenient way to let loose, and interact