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2012 Kitadaito Festival Day 1

Every year on September 22 and 23 Kitadaito Village celebrates its largest Festival.  These dates mark the beginning of autumn.  Kitadaito also known as north Borodino island is a place of 12sq kilometers 320 kilometers east of the Okinawan mainland.  It is unique in that it was settled by residents of Hachijo Island (near Tokyo) but is part of Okinawa Prefecture.  Over the past 100 years the island has become a unique chanpuru (mix) of both cultures. After graduating from

Tokashiki Beach

Tokashiki Island is located west of the Okinawa mainland in Okinawa Prefecture. It’s a mountainous island with diverse opportunities for travel.  One great stop are the white sand beaches that allow for snorkeling, camping, and hiking to isolated spots for rest and relaxation.  Here are a few pictures from a trip during the month of August.

Kitadaito Island’s Phosphorous Mine Ruins

Three hundred and twenty kilometers from the Okinawa mainland, two small islands sit alone in the South Pacific.  The Daito Islands, one time the Borodinos, have a short history, having been settled only 100 years ago.  Still they made it in time for both world wars.  Kitadaito is the smaller of the two islands, and boasts one of the most unique blendings of culture in Japan.  During the war, Kitadaito was settled mainly to harvest phosphorous.  It never became a

Zamami Festival and Fire

Japan is known for its Festivals, and they do indeed hold special significance in Japanese Culture.  Festivals are celebrations of the harvest, be it land, sea, or in general.  They are opportunities to give thanks and to pray, to relax, and most of all to socialize and develop stronger communities ties.  Just about every community celebrates at least one Festival every year, and often many.  I was lucky enough to catch one of Zamami Island’s festivals in August a few

Zamami Island – Okinawa

Zamami Island is one of the Kerama Islands just west of the Okinawan mainland.  Like many of the Okinawan Islands, it boasts beautiful beaches and sea life, and is a popular tourist destination for fishing, whale watching, and to observe sea turtles.  If you’re interest in visiting Zamami, be sure to check out http://www.zamamienglishguide.com/ a website developed by a friend and English teacher on the island.