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My You’ve Gotten Fat or Isn’t Japan Supposed to be Polite?

For those of you who don’t know, I spent my first three years in Japan living on Kitadaito Island.  Kitadaito is a small island 320km east of the mainland of Okinawa.  While I was there, I experienced the close community of rural Japan, and started writing.  A bit over a year ago, I moved to Kumejima which his far larger.  Since this is my last year with the JET Programme, I decided to visit Kitadaito during their annual Daitogusai Festival.

Japanese Culture – Indirectness and Social Organization

In Japan, people generally do not come up to you and ask, “do you want to go to a party?”  Instead, many Japanese people with an invitation opt for a more round about approach.  They may ask if you are busy or try to find out if you have plans for a certain day or time, without first mentioning they would like to go out.  If you say you are free then they might give you the invitation.  This has led to