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Annual Health Check

Japan has a national health care system.  This mean that if you have a job, you likely have medical coverage as well. It can also mean more crowded hospitals with cheaper and sometimes more comprehensive care. Part of the coverage comes in the form of ‘mandatory’ yearly heath checks.  Every year, people over the age of 20 (that’s the adult age here) are required to have a full physical exam. Depending on age is how complete the exam is, but

Japan’s Emperor

This post is based on a WSJ article and NHK news reports. The Emperor of Japan has had several health issues, including a recent hospital stay for pneumonia.  This past weekend, he was hospitalized again for an in-depth check of his heart.  He will soon return for bypass surgery. Over the past year, Emperor Akihito has been far more visible on the news and in the media.  After the March 11th earthquake, he made a rare address, then later appeared with his

Comfort Food

This is an article I wrote for the “Comfort” Issue of the YAK, the 3 times a year publication done by and for Okinawa Prefecture ALTs from the JET programme. I have been in Japan for nearly two and a half years, and in that time I have gone home twice.  In total, I have been out of the country for all of maybe 20 days.  Since I have been here I have never had to take byokyu (well, up