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High School and Hawaiian Festivals

Events abound in Japan’s Autumn, and although the weather still feels of summer, Fall is definitely in swing. This weekend saw a slew of events on Kume Island, dissimilar but also with underlying threads of culture to connect them. High School Festival Kume Island has only one high school for the entire island. It has a variety of classes for its students, but with such a wide range of classes it is difficult for them to fit every activity into

International Cooperation in Green Energy and Beyond

Last week I wrote about an interesting ceremony where Sake was used as a metaphor for the growing relationship among diverse parties.  That ceremony was part of a larger event recognizing the sister city partnership between Kumejima Town and Hawai’i Country and a series of workshops to investigate the future of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) at both localities.  It might seem like a simple enough thing, but there are a lot of things going on within this partnership, and just

Sake as a Metaphor

A few weeks ago I wrote about the traditional use of sake at ceremonies on Kume Island in Okinawa.  That ceremony was a yearly event with a long history.  This past week, I was present at another, modern event that had a very different, yet interesting use for the local brew of awamori.  Kume Island hosted the third International Ocean Energy Workshop as part of a larger collaboration with Hawai’i County.  The purpose of the meeting was to consider the