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The Heat is On

Summer is almost upon Japan.  Down in Okinawa, some places have already felt 30*C heat that humidity makes even worse.  So how does Japan cope with the heat, especially given the likelihood of power shortages due to the limitation of nuclear power since 3/11? Constructing for Cool Much of Japanese architecture still reflects the traditional Japanese method of staying cool.  Raised floors, large windows, sliding doors, and the over-all draftiness of many Japanese houses contribute to their ability to stay cool in summer,

Kumejima’s Kimono Fashion Show

This past weekend was the Kumejima Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival.  There were many events, but by far the best attended was the Tsumugi Kimono fashion show at the Kumejima Cultural Center (aka museum).  One of Kumejima’s many exports are hand-made kimono.  These kimono are made from silk that is harvested, spun, dyed, and woven by hand on the island.  This year many of the kimono were shown at this special event.  Here are a few highlights.