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Kumejima Sakura Festival Photos

I’ve been posting a lot about sakura , but changing with the seasons really is a big part of Japanese culture.  There were so many events last week that its unfortunate the weather didn’t play a better partner.  With clouds and rain it was hard to get too many spectacular shots, but the party still went on.  I performed with a local band Saturday (technical problems led no video of that, sorry!) there was food and a tea garden, plus

Ara Forest Path

Here is what I learned while making this video: I’m probably not supposed to be an actor. I do much better behind the camera. My pictures? Turned out pretty good right? Film.. eh it was shot on my phone so can’t complain. Narration? Not going to win any awards. Bits of me talking on camera, or using the front facing camera on the phone? Yea, cause those made it in…

Cherry Blossoms

It’s still winter in Japan, but the cherry trees are blooming down in Okinawa. From late January through February and March, cherry blossoms will work their way north as Spring announces its’ arrival.  In most of Japan, the seasons are distinct, and throughout Japan’s long history traditions and beliefs have developed around them. As in many cultures, Spring marks the beginning.  It is when new life begins and all things living begin to thrive again after the long cold winter.