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2012 Kume Island Hari

This past weekend saw the celebration of Dragon Boat festivals throughout the south pacific.  The Dragon Boats, like many Olympic Sports, has its roots in war training and preparation.  In the far past, small canoe-like boats were used as transportation between islands in the Pacific.   Before the use of sail and other types of propulsion, the long canoe boats were propelled by thin, long oars.  They are often brightly painted with water dragons which is where they got their

Naha Hari Dragon Boat Races

Okinawa is Japan’s southern most prefecture.  Its comprised of around 160 islands* some of them very close together.  Since Okinawa is a set of islands and has such a long, rich history, it is no wonder there is a strong maritime tradition.  The Hari or Dragon Boat comes from Chinese culture and is one of many cultural items adopted by the former Ryukyu Kingdom.  The old country used the over-sized canoes to get between islands.  Over time, competitions between neighbors overcame war and

Japan, China, and US

Japan, China, and the United States are connected in nearly every conceivable way.  You might say that there are geographic distinctions, but in the end their interests are too close together for space to matter much.   Communication and travel are helped along by technology, which further breaks down the physical barriers.  This breakdown between the three countries and other powers in the region is one of the major reasons for the increasing tensions. What are the Issues? JAPAN and the