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Baby Blue Rock Thrush

One of the most prolific birds on Kume Island is the blue rock thrush. It’s a loud yet interesting species of bird that I’ve managed some decent photos of in the past. This time around I had a unique chance to get up-close and personal with a baby blue rock thrush (while being careful not to interfere. My gopro helped me out with that). One morning we woke to a chirping and rainstorm. The source was the baby bird, stuck

Ryukyu Hawk Owl

I don’t always bring my camera with me, but since today was an ensoku before the start of Golden Week, I brought my Canon to school.  When I got there, a crowd of students were staring out the window at a small bird sitting on the ground outside.  As young boys do, one of them prodded it with a broom handle.  A teacher told him off and I ran back to the car for my bag. The little Ryukyu Hawk

Spring Birds in Okinawa

The weather is warming, and with the Sugarcane harvest over, many birds come to the Okinawan islands.  Since spring is mating season, many of the birds have been far more apparent than usual as they show off.  This blue bird is a male Blue Rock Thrush that likes to hang out around my garden.  He was dancing around in a pattern, moving through three different spots continuously.  It’s mate is grey and loves to eat worms from the Gaijin’s Garden. I also