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White Day

Last month marked Valentine’s Day around the world.  As I mentioned in that post, things work a bit differently here in Japan.  Since girls do all the work on Valentine’s day, boys will return the favor this month.  The companion day is called White Day in Japan and takes place March 14th. Boys will give return gifts for all the chocolate they received.  For the giri choclate (obligation) gifts they received, there are plenty of specially decorated chocolates available for sale.  For the homei (homemade) gifts

Kiyomizu Temple – Kyoto

Kyomizu Temple in Kyoto is one of the most famous landmarks in all Japan.  The temple is famous for its high-flying construction, built 13 meters above a spring and supported by elaborate heavy wooden beam scaffolding.  I was lucky enough to visit a while back and thought I’d share some pictures with you.  Its a must see if you’re in the Kansai region of Japan. Find out more on Wikipedia.


For your entertainment, here’s a bit of me singing 島の人よ by 池田卓 (thats Shima no Hito yo by Suguru Ikeda), for the Kumejima Sakura Festival Karaoke competition.  I ended up getting fourth.  The prizes included a shampoo set (made from the deep-sea water from Kume), Mozuku, and a bottle of awamori. Karaoke is a popular cultural activity in Japan.  Often groups will rent rooms, etc.  with friends and sing, eat and drink together.  It’s a convenient way to let loose, and interact

Coralway’s 2012 Kengo Tarumi Winner

  This is a photo I took in 2009 during Kitadaito’s main festival daitogusai.  This is during the second day when sumo wrestling takes place.  It is common for one or more demonstration matches to occur before the actual competitions start.  This is a ‘match’ between a man and his grandson.  Of course the grandson ‘won’. This photo has been published in Japan Transocean Air’s (JTA) in-flight magazine ‘Coralway’ for their Okinawa based flights (Issue 139 for March and April