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Kite Surfing Hateno Beach

One of the great attractions of Kume Island is the amazing white sand beaches, especially the chain of offshore sandbars known collectively as Hateno-hama. Just before Typhoon 1408 hit I had another chance to visit the beach with this year’s Nakasato Exchange. While the students were swimming and playing on the Nakano sandbar, I spotted a few kite surfers enjoying the mild winds and surf on Meenu Beach. Though I’ve never kite surfed, it was an amazing chance to get

Tokashiki Beach

Tokashiki Island is located west of the Okinawa mainland in Okinawa Prefecture. It’s a mountainous island with diverse opportunities for travel.  One great stop are the white sand beaches that allow for snorkeling, camping, and hiking to isolated spots for rest and relaxation.  Here are a few pictures from a trip during the month of August.

Eff Beach Opening

The spread of Sakura blossoms northward is marking the arrival of Spring throughout Japan. April 1, also marked the change in seasons with the beginning of a new school year. All over Japan, teachers are arriving at new schools and preparing for the upcoming year.  For the students, however, school is still out for a few more days. Yesterday, Kumejima Island celebrated the arrival of Spring by opening its popular Eff beach. The ceremony, called Umi Biraki (sea opening), involved

Hatenohama: The White Sand Beach

  Hatenohama is probably the single most beautiful beach in Okinawa.  It’s also one of the most remote.  Off shore of Kumejima Island, its a strip of sand that stretches out towards Okinawa in the East China Sea. View Larger Map The beach is in the center of a huge area of shallow water protected by a ring of coral and rock outcroppings. Over thousands of years the tidal actions in the protected area have built up what is now Hatenohama. I