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Golden Week

Golden Week marks a string of holidays around the start of May in Japan.  With three official days off, many people take the opportunity to use a few of their precious vacation days (nenkyu) to travel or otherwise relax for an extended period.  This year, the holidays fall on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, so with just two days of nenkyu one could easily go on a 9 day trip.  This has made the Golden Week holidays one of the biggest

School Lunch Apr 12-18

Thursday April 12                 Milk, yakisoba, fried pumpkin sandwich, vegetable soup Yakisoba is a common Japanese dish, especially during summer bbqs.  Usually soba (buckwheat) noodles are used, but often spaghetti is used instead.  Yaki means fried or baked, so the dish is fried noodles.  Usually vegetables are fried on a large pan.  Meat and noodles are added and a slightly sweet sauce added just before serving.  The pumpkin sandwich sounds a bit strange, but

School Entrance Ceremonies

You may have noticed an unintentional theme running through a lot of my posts lately.  Although it is April, things are starting afresh, in Japan.  Since many aspects of Japanese Culture are tied so closely to the seasons, a throw back to the long agricultural tradition for much of Japan, many of the events and happenings around Japan reflect the rebirth and growth so strongly symbolized by the Sakura blossoms that are working their way north. This week, throughout Japan, new