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Cross Cultures – Holidays in Japan and America

All this month on my radio show Haisai English we’ve been playing Christmas music and talking about the differences and similarities between the American and Japanese holidays.  The overall theme we’ve found is that in many ways, Christmas and New Years are flipped between the two countries. Christmas in Japan In Japan, like many holidays, Christmas is promoted by stores as a way to sell products.  Just as the Japanese version of Valentines’ Day was essentially created by chocolatiers, PR firms promote the

International Cooperation in Green Energy and Beyond

Last week I wrote about an interesting ceremony where Sake was used as a metaphor for the growing relationship among diverse parties.  That ceremony was part of a larger event recognizing the sister city partnership between Kumejima Town and Hawai’i Country and a series of workshops to investigate the future of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) at both localities.  It might seem like a simple enough thing, but there are a lot of things going on within this partnership, and just

Public Employees in Japan

One of the most unique systems I have ever heard of for public workers takes place in Japan.  With the recent turmoil in America between States and Public Employee Unions brought the difference to mind.  In America, teachers often are hired at specific schools, and can stay at the same school for 10 years or more.  Some might migrate through districts, but generally they teach the same subject for an extended stay.  They have (in the past) had the right

Japan, China, and US

Japan, China, and the United States are connected in nearly every conceivable way.  You might say that there are geographic distinctions, but in the end their interests are too close together for space to matter much.   Communication and travel are helped along by technology, which further breaks down the physical barriers.  This breakdown between the three countries and other powers in the region is one of the major reasons for the increasing tensions. What are the Issues? JAPAN and the