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Three Years Ago We Graduated


There will be many posts like this.  There have been many for days.  March 11 had and is still having such a profound impact on so many people.  It is one of those incidents in history that people will ask, “Where were you?” I was on an island with a total land area of only 13km2 (5sq mi) in the middle of the South Pacific.  We were busily preparing and rehearsing for our Junior High graduation ceremony.  The ceremony was important since

East meets … Farther East

  There are a lot of different azas (字) on Kumejima.  An aza is smaller than a village, but bigger than a neighborhood.  Each one has its own community center and most host different events throughout the year.  Kanegusuku-aza‘s claim to fame is the Murashibi festival on September 12.  It falls every year on the full moon in September, dating back to when Japan used the lunar calendar.  This is one of the unique events only in Kumejima, and is

The Japan Status – Spring ’11

  Here’s the first in series intended to be a snapshot of Japan as it is right now.  There is no way I can be as all inclusive as I would like, but hopefully this will paint a general picture about where Japan is now. Physically Japan is recovering from March earthquakes and tsunami.  The nuclear power plant is slowly being brought under control, but still poses risks.  At least one reactor has significantly melted, though it does not appear