School Lunch in Japan

October 22 MondayVarious aspects of Japanese cuisine are known throughout the world.   Somethings can be strange or frightening, while others have become common on many western dining tables.  As someone who grew up as a picky eater, I can tell you that my biggest fear and most difficult adjustment in Japan is and was its food.  Hailing from the Arizona Desert, I never enjoyed river fish, and so avoided just about all seafood.

After arriving in Japan, and eating school lunches with my students every day, I quickly developed a love for just about every type of Japanese food, as well as the Okinawan specialties we get.  In 2012 I shared many of the school lunches in weekly posts about each one.  Due to my schedule I can no longer keep up the pace of pictures, translating, and reviewing each and every lunch, but those posts are still available for your perusal.

This year, while I still get them (I’m on my last year with the JET Programme), I’ll tweet my lunches with an English translation of what’s included.  You can find those tweets below or by using a combination of the hashtags #SchoolLunch and #Japan.  Happy Eating!