Over the past 5+ years in Japan I’ve spotted some interesting animals.  Click any of the pictures below to see a gallery of each subject. I hope you enjoy the  photo collections of the furry and flying creatures around Okinawa and beyond.


23Okinawa boasts a variety of winged wild life that cycle with the seasons. Check out the birds I’ve met along the way.







Lion, Tigers, and Polar Bears. Be it zoo or out in the Jungle, there is still a lot of nature to explore in Japan. When I’m lucky enough to spot a beast I’ll share it here!



Who doesn’t love the strange and creepy? Discover the insects of Japan.






As an island nation, Japan offers plenty of opportunities to see unique species that live in the water.

  • diana toler

    i hope to continue seeing more of you photos. im in arkansas and hope to se the beauty of japan one day.

    • Benjamin Martin

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you enjoy the photos! There will be plenty more to come.