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Glover Garden Nagasaki

Nagasaki is a city full of history.  As the home of Dejima Island, it was one of the first Japanese cities to be influenced by foreigners.  When Japan finally did open,  many entrepreneurs from around the world traveled to the city to take part in new opportunities.  One of them was Thomas Blake Glover from Scotland.  Upon the top of a hill he built a house that still stands today, along with several historical buildings and gardens. The Glover Garden (pronounced closer to

Kastella Cakes

There are a lot of different types of omiyage in Japan, but perhaps one of the most famous is Kastella Cakes.  Castella is a type of  fluffy sponge cake with roots in Portugal that is now a specialty of Nagasaki.  One brand in particular, Kastella, is famous throughout the country.  During our school trip, we purposely stopped at the Kastella factory just to get omiyage for the students and teachers back home. The original Kastella flavor is honey, but there

Dejima Island – Nagasaki Bay

Dejima Island in Nagasaki bay was the only point of formal international trade and communication during Japan’s  period of isolation in the Tokugawa period.  Construction of the artificial land mass ended in 1636 and was for use by Portuguese traders.  The missionaries that accompanied them were viewed as a threat and were eventually banished.  The Dutch took over the island and were sequestered there.  Dejima was eventually surrounded as land reclamation began from 1861, where it eventually lost its original boarders