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School Lunch in Japan May 24 – Jun 1

Thursday May 24 Milk, chahan, lotus root steamed dumpling, vegetable soup Oh chahan, you can never go wrong with chahan.   A delicious mix of rice, fried pork, egg, and vegetables all in one dish.  Along side, we had two lotus blossom meat steamed dumplings (a mouth full for sure!) and a hearty Chinese vegetable soup with chingensai, pork, carrot, and mushroom, and more. This type of meal reflects the strong Chinese influence in the Okinawan islands.  A local fusion

School Lunch in Japan May 17-23

Thursday May 17                 Milk, mushroom spaghetti, green salad, satsuma potato This one is pretty far from traditional Japanese fare, but even so, still maintains a bit of Japanese flair.  The spaghetti was nice, surprisingly not dry despite the lack of a red sauce… probably thanks to the margarine.  Tossed in with several types of mushrooms and bacon was asparagus.  The ‘green’ salad was mostly cabbage and cucumber in a light vinegar dressing.  The Satsuma

School Lunch May 10-16

Thursday May 10                 Milk, vegetable soba, tempura benimo, orange This meal is just shy of a 5 on the rice meter thanks to the orange and adopted-ness of soba.  Though it’s ‘vegetable’ it still has pork in it.  Soba is a common noodle in Japan, here its served with a broth (not shown) that will heat the noodles and veggies.  The benimo is a type of sweet potato that is purple in

School Lunch May 1-9

Thursday April 26                 Milk, chahan, shrimp and vegetable dumplings, harusame soup This meal was from last month, but thanks to Golden Week and two Ensokus it never saw the light of More Thing Japanese.  So I’m including it here.  Chahan is one of my favorite meals and this one was no exception. Harusame is a thin clear noodle made of beans.  It was in a broth with hakusai and mushrooms. Monday May

School Lunch April 19-25

Thursday April 19                 Milk, barley rice, meat balls, gourd stir-fry, miso soup, apple jelly This week had a delicious stir-fry with combu and kanpyou (dried gourd shavings).  The miso soup had enoki (long white mushrooms with small caps), and seaweed.  The meatballs were Japanese-style with a slightly sweet sauce. Friday April 24               Milk, Okinawa Soba, Chingensai and beansprout salad, orange Here’s an Okinawan classic.  Soba are buckwheat

School Lunch Apr 12-18

Thursday April 12                 Milk, yakisoba, fried pumpkin sandwich, vegetable soup Yakisoba is a common Japanese dish, especially during summer bbqs.  Usually soba (buckwheat) noodles are used, but often spaghetti is used instead.  Yaki means fried or baked, so the dish is fried noodles.  Usually vegetables are fried on a large pan.  Meat and noodles are added and a slightly sweet sauce added just before serving.  The pumpkin sandwich sounds a bit strange, but

School Lunch April 9-11

It’s BACK!  School started up again, so this week we have three meals for the new year. Monday April 9               Milk, barley rice, fried egg with mozuku, combu irichi, miso soup This lunch’s main dish is thinly sliced seaweed (combu) tossed with other vegetables and meat in a fry pan (or wok).  The soup had shitake mushrooms and pork. Tuesday April 10               Milk, bread rolls, cabbage

School Lunch and Sobetsukai Food

Thursdays are my usual day to post about the previous week’s food in Japanese Junior High and Elementary Schools.    The Heisei 23 school year is out, however, so below last Thursday’s Meal I’ve included some pictures of the kinds of food served at the more formal school sobetsukais I attended. Thursday March 22 Milk, millet rice, baked salmon, sesame dressed spinach salad, dashi soup, satsuma potato mochi This meal was on the high side of Japanese, and was decent

School Lunch March 15-21

Thursday March 15               Milk, barley rice, sliced beef stir fry, mixed meat dumplings, Chingensai soup This one is high on the Japanese side of things, even if beef and meat was not a normal part of traditional Japanese foods. Friday March 16               Milk, neapolitan spaghetti, sauteed beans, fuwatto ichigo (strawberry) mochi You might think the mochi saves this meal from being completely foreign, but the filling helps make

School Lunch March 8-14

Thursday March 8               Milk, millet rice, sukiyaki, ‘island’ burger, orange This meal is a level 4 on the Japan scale, being held back only by the orange (instead of the more Japanese mikan) and ‘burger.’  The shima burger (aka island burger) is mostly made of squid and tasted nothing like a hamburger.  Sukiyaki was a mix of beef and other vegetables fried up together. Friday March 9 This is the day iOS5.1 came

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