About More Things Japanese

This site disappeared for a while for a variety of reasons, however, I have brought it back as an archive of past posts as some are still often requested. I may write again in the future, and am in the process of restoring as many of the photos as possible, but in the meantime, the articles should all be there. Thanks!


More Things Japanese is a blog on Japanese culture, news, and food from the author of the Samurai Awakening series, Benjamin Martin.  He has been studying Japan for more than ten years, and has spent the last 6+ years living on small islands in Okinawa prefecture.  He still lives in Okinawa working as an International Relations Coordinator for the Okinawa Prefecture Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Project on Kume Island. You can find out more about him on Facebook, his author profile, or by commenting on any post.

More Things Japanese is based on the book Things Japanese written by Basil Hall Chamberlain in the 1900’s.  It was a collection of articles on varying aspects of Japanese life and culture.  More Things Japanese hopes to follow along in his footsteps, but for today’s world.

Culture posts

Hopefully my posts on Japanese Culture will be helpful to anyone interested in the subject.  I take my information from several courses at the University of Arizona, my own browsing of Japanese history and literature, as well as the day-to-day observations of Japanese society while I live here. You’ll note my posts are generally not annotated or cited.  They are mostly my own ideas on the subject, but I will link if I use a resource.

Food Posts

I enjoy food.  Who doesn’t?  Living on a small islands I cook a lot for myself and for my friends.  I’ve decided I should share the wealth, so when I make something especially delicious, I’ll share the secret with you. Be sure to check out my youtube account for how-to videos on many of the recipes I post.


Since coming to Japan I’ve fallen in love with photography.  I started out taking pictures to show my family back home, but it developed into much more.  Before long I became the semi-official photographer for my school and Board of Education.  Now I take pictures for my own memory and to share with you.  Previously my pictures were posted to flickr, but now are solely here.  If you would like to use a picture please email me.

One of my photos won the Tarumi Kengo Award in a contest for a JTA’s in-flight magazine “Coralway” in 2012.  I can’t wait to take more pictures of Japan and share them with you.

Most of my pictures are taken with a Canon Kiss x3 (equivalent to a Rebel in the States), or my iphone camera.  Photos from Mid-march on (2012) are likely taken with a Canon 7D.  I’ll also post occasional videos on youtube.


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Sorry for the lawyer speak -_- Unfortunately, several sites have used my photos without permission.