Video: Nishime Walkabout

UezuHow different can two neighborhoods be on the same island? Both the Maja Tour and Nishime Tours are guided around local neighborhoods on the same island by different local guides, yet the experiences are quite different. Dissimilar geography and historic precedents have led to the areas being used in different ways. In the Ryukyu period the island was separated into two districts, which became villages in the Meiji era. The separation of the island into districts and even smaller neighborhoods has, like the separation of the larger Japanese Mainlands, helped to maintain unique histories. Even though Kumejima was incorporated into a town in 2000, many of the differences are still alive.


The Nishime area on Kume Island is located at a higher elevation than Maja, giving it more protection from Typhoons and Waves. It is an area with abundant water and fertile land, which has made it the spiritual center of the island during the old Ryukyu Kingdom. Checkout the video below for more on the Uezu Historic House and surrounding areas.