New Video: Kumejima’s Maja Scenic Tour

IMG_3679_1Kume Island in Okinawa is home to many scenic and historic spots. For most visitors and locals, the main attractions such as Hateno Beach or events such as the yearly festival overshadow the much older local delights that can only be found when walking along with someone who truly knows the area. Recently, a new program is offering island experiences to delve into the historic, cultural, and natural side of Kumejima that the casual tourist might enjoy but find difficult on their own. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in several of the “Island School” tours over the past few weeks and will be including a few short videos on each. I hope you enjoy this unique look into life on the island, and if you get the chance, try one or more out!


The Maja area on Kumejima is located in the north-east of the island. Separated by low mountains, the area has maintained its own identity with traditions and history dating back hundreds of years.