Kite Surfing Hateno Beach

IMG_8701One of the great attractions of Kume Island is the amazing white sand beaches, especially the chain of offshore sandbars known collectively as Hateno-hama. Just before Typhoon 1408 hit I had another chance to visit the beach with this year’s Nakasato Exchange. While the students were swimming and playing on the Nakano sandbar, I spotted a few kite surfers enjoying the mild winds and surf on Meenu Beach.

Though I’ve never kite surfed, it was an amazing chance to get up close and personal with my Canon while not risking it on water. The winds brought some of the surfers right up to me and I even managed a few action shots of the jumpers. For those of you interested, a small company runs kite surfing tours on the island. You can find them on Facebook.

And without further ado… some photos of the day.