2014 Firefly Festival

First off, thanks for sticking with me during my last two weeks off. With Golden Week and a lot going on at OTEC Okinawa I haven’t had as much time to devote to the blog as I would like.

IMG_6870A few weeks ago Kume Island celebrated Spring with its annual Firefly Festival. Though one of the smaller festivals it turned out to be quite a lot of fun. The Firefly festival takes place along jinjin (named for the sound describing the flashing lights the bugs make) road in the Gushikawa Area of Kume Island. Essentially a street fair, it is a collection of events, performances, food, and other attractions put on by local businesses. The firefly festival marks the start of the season where visitors and locals a like can view the unique species of firefly found only here.

IMG_7003This year the festival featured several prize packs furnished by the popular local industries including Kumesen and Yoneshima Awamori, Deep Sea Water, Cypress Resort Hotel Vouchers and more. The prizes went to the winners of random rock, paper, scissors tournaments throughout the festival, to the winners of the arm wrestling competition, and also to the chugging (both kids and adult versions) competition.

In addition to tons of food from all the nearby shops and some from the hotels, there were performances by local taiko groups and musicians. The taiko players took over the majority of the street to entertain with an energetic show. This time around I managed a spot right in front.


Of course, you never know what might show up to a small fest like this one. Such as this super cute puppy one of my former students brought along.