2013 Year in Review

Happy New Years!

IMG_9872Once again we have made it through another year. Thanks for sticking with MoreThingsJapanese. This past year a lot has changed for me and I’m sure some of it has been reflected on the blog. First off, I ended my time teaching English with the JET Programme (they have a five-year limit) in July. I began working for the Okinawa OTEC Demonstration Facility in August. I first wrote about OTEC without much in the way of knowledge about the technology, but after nearly six months of hands on training it has become an important part of my future goals. Luckily, the new job allows me to stay in Japan and continue writing this blog from Kume Island.

Revenge of the Akuma Clan_cover NEW 2.inddIn 2013 my second book Revenge of the Akuma Clan was also published. It’s the sequel to the award-winning Samurai Awakening and includes some interesting adaptations of the experiences I’ve had in Japan and shared here. I also made my ‘debut’ on the popular Japanese TV show Motemote 99 and more importantly met many wonderful people from around Japan.

Finally, we have a new look for the new year. Hopefully the new theme and design will make finding interesting and new posts easier for you and new guests. I’m always open to suggestion so please feel free to let me know what you think or if you would like a specific topic covered.

Some stats:

  • New Posts: 63 (more than one a week!)
  • Total Posts: 262
  • Total Images: 3,427 (Up from 1,671 last year)
  • Views this Year: ~48,000 times
  • Most Searched For Keyword: “chahan” (with variations of also in the top 20)
  • Awesome People Met:  Tons!  Thank for commenting, connecting, and sharing!

Here were my most popular posts this year. Definitely a lot of people looking for some great Chahan and other Okinawan and Japanese foods. I’ll try to bring you some more great recipes in addition to my photos and posts on Japanese Culture.


  • IMG_3030 Kokuto
    Kokuto is the Okinawan black sugar candy made from sugarcane. Check out the video and photos from a local producer.



I hope you all have a great year!