2013 Kume Island Marathon

IMG_3652_1Every year the Kume Island Marathon draws participants from around the world. This year a typhoon almost managed to cancel the event (ferries were canceled), but still several hundred people managed to make their way onto the ferry. As with last year, I was asked to do photography for the event. I started out at Miifugaa, but then worked my way around to a few other locations.

I ended up with over a thousand photos total from the day. I’ve edited some and uploaded them to facebook. Check out the links to albums below. If you participated and would like a copy feel free to contact me.

Part 1 (200 photos)

Part 2 (200 photos)

Part 3 (13 photos)

IMG_4682One of the major draws every year is the “Furiai Party” after the finish of the marathon. Awards are presented to costumed runners, and there is plenty of entertainment and food to go around. Checkout the photos for a better idea of this great yearly event.