2013 Kume Island Festival Day 2

August 18 schedule

Time Event
16:30-18:00 Okinawan Sumo Competition
17:45-18:15 Charachter Show – Masked Wizards
18:20-18:40 Award Ceremony
18:45-19:05 Tunnaha Eisa
19:10-19:30 Student Performance
19:35-19:50 Kumejima’s Tourism ‘Lady’ Introduction
19:55-20:25 Raffle Drawing
20:30-21:30 Special Live Concert – Dynamites
21:30~ Fireworks Countdown

IMG_8225_1The second day of the 2013 Kume Island Festival was a much different affair than the first day.  Where day one was focused on the giant tug of war, the second day was full of performances and fun for the kids.  The day started off with an Okinawan sumo competition for elementary through junior high students with great prizes for the winners.  While the competition went on, the dance group from Hokkaido performed again before the large Masked Rider Wizards character show.  While not as widely known in Okinawa, that particular show is a big hit in mainland Japan at the moment.


Every year the town hosts a ground golf competition.  The winning teams were presented with prizes at the festival.  The Tunnaha eisa performances by both the young group and adults is always a hit.  This year’s performances were fun with many participants.

IMG_8631_1Later this year Kume Island students will put on a musical focusing on an episode of Kume Island’s history.  The major production is being produced by the same group that did the Tales of Yomitan Village. In a call for participants, a few members put on a dance and original music was performed.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the whole show turns out.

Afterward, three “Ladies” who will preside at town events throughout the next year were announced and presented with gifts from local industries.  The lead lady chose the first prize from the annual raffle, which started the day before with the amidakuji.  This year the top prizes included a complete, made-to-order kimono of Kumejima Tsumugi, trips from JAL, and other items.


IMG_9024_1A group of performers called Dynamites took the stage for a full hour of oldies music.  The group did an interesting mix of favorites in English and Japanese that were all very popular for the festival attendees.  The group performs regularly on the Okinawa mainland at Kento’s and oldies club.  Out of all the performance I’ve seen at festivals over the years, this group managed to get the widest range of people upfront and having a good time.

Finally, the festival ended with a great fireworks show.  The timing was optimal as it started pouring rain almost immediately after the fireworks ended.  Another great year for this fun-filled festival.