Kume Island’s Lost Village

IMG_5632Last week, after filming an upcoming video post, I went exploring through Kume Island‘s lost village.  I didn’t stay for very long because of the danger of poisonous snakes during this time of the year, but I did have my camera.  Hidden under the trees of the island’s north shore is an abandoned village.  Today, only the walls and a few stone buildings remain of what was once a vibrant village.

IMG_5577The only visitors are the occasional explorers and locals who return to pray for the ancestors who used to live there.  This village is located near sea-level, and is surrounded by tall cliffs.  The village was difficult to get to before the modern roads that now lead to the farms, tropical pools, and Epoch Kuruma Shrimp farm that are located between the ocean and the cliffs.  Many years ago, the villagers abandoned the village and moved to the top of the cliffs so that they would be free from the dangers of tsunami as well as the difficulties of traversing the steep cliffs.


One  modern building remains in the old village, a place for people to pray for ancestors long gone.  The rest of the area is overgrown with trees and plants, yet there is a unique sense of history as the paths echo into the depths of time.  As I walked, I couldn’t help but think of the people who used to live there, what kind of life they used to lead, and what the village looked like so long ago.

I intend to return for a more in-depth look and will do more research on the lost village.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this first look.