Magnesium Light – A Clean, Green Lightsource

IMG_1231Have you ever heard of an Mg Battery? Magnesium is a common element, in fact it’s even the 8th most common element.  When made into small particles, it burns with a bright light, is very light, and is easily recycled.

Magnesium can also be obtained from seawater.  Recently, the Okinawa Deep Sea Water Research Institute completed the creation of an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion power plant.  That plant uses mineral-rich cold water from deep in the ocean to drive an energy producing turbine.  The out-flow of that process is large quantities of mineral rich water.

The VID corporation, a company who’s stated purpose is to promote clean energy solutions, recently built a factory on Kume Island to turn the magnesium in the water into clean light sources for emergencies and places without electricity.

The lights they are producing are small black squares with an emitter on the top.  When placed in regular water they produce light.  While the small boxes wear out, the company can produce them relatively cheaply and the materials can be recycled.  These lights look to be a positive step into the future of clean energy.

Imagine the aftermath of earthquakes or during the hours of typhoon with no power.  A cheap clean energy source can be placed in a tray of water and provide light for an entire room.  Places throughout the world without power, can utilize these lights to brighten their future, without the negative impacts of dangerous lithium or other battery sources that only pollute.

What would you do with an Mg Light?