Ryukyu Hawk Owl


I don’t always bring my camera with me, but since today was an ensoku before the start of Golden Week, I brought my Canon to school.  When I got there, a crowd of students were staring out the window at a small bird sitting on the ground outside.  As young boys do, one of them prodded it with a broom handle.  A teacher told him off and I ran back to the car for my bag.


The little Ryukyu Hawk Owl was sitting in the middle of a group of kids sleeping!  I was able to get right up close and grab a few shots before it flew off, but then not far, and I caught it again in a nearby tree.


I’m not a bird expert, but thanks to The Internet Bird Collection I’m pretty sure I identified it correctly. The scientific name is Ninox [japonica] totogo.  These photos were taken on Kumejima.