2012 Year in Review

NEC_0172First off thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read More Things Japanese this year.  Though the blog has been going since 2010, it really jumped forward this year after moving to its new domain (morethingsjapanese.com) in January, and with my vast increase of posts (from once in a while to every day for a while).  I’ve scaled back to around once a week since that hectic workload gave me no time to work on my fiction.  On the plus side, my first novel Samurai Awakening was published by Tuttle and the first short story in the Jitsugen Samurai Diaries is out.  This year I’ve also started the websites KumeGuide.com, HaisaiEnglish.com, and MoreThingsWriting.com.  Hopefully, all my endeavors will bring a little bit of Japan to you.

Here’s some stats:

  • Published Posts: 199
  • Total Images: 1,671
  • Most Views in a Day: 1,913
  • Views this Year: 43,109
  • Most Searched For Keyword: “chahan recipe” (with variations of also in the top 20)
  • Strangest Keyword: “do they stll use small refrigerators in japan”
  • Money Made: $0 (I do this for free)
  • Awesome People Met:  Tons!  Thank for commenting, connecting, and sharing!

All together its been a great year.  I’ve striven to bring you original information on Japan with a balance between general Japan and specifics to my experiences on outer islands in Okinawa.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the experiences I’ve shared and I will continue bringing you new pictures, recipes, and more from Japan in 2013.  Happy New Year’s, wherever you are.