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Papaya Irichi Recipe

Papaya is a fruit that comes to mind when you think of the tropics.  It comes from a quick-growing palm-like tree that produces the large fruit.  In Okinawa, it is common and a good food source when typhoons or other items disturb regular non-local food supplies.  Aside from a sweet fruit when orange and ripe, it can also be used as a vegetable if taken when still green.  Here’s a recipe for Papaya Irichi, another Okinawan stir fry similar to

Silver Pavilion Grounds

The Silver Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan is one of that city’s greatest attractions, but like many scenic spots in Japan, there’s more to see than just a single building.  The grounds around the ancient and interesting structure provide a beautifully scenic setting on the edge of one of Japan’s largest cities.  From tall trees to ancient stone carvings, its well worth your time strolling through the grounds. Here’s a few pictures from my trip to the famed tourist spot during

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