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2012 Tanabata at School

July 7th is Tanabata in Japan.  It marks the day when two stars are at their closest, yet never meet.  From the astronomical phenomena, stories and tales have developed around the pair, telling that they are lovers ever divided. While there is no official holiday, Tanabata is a fun day that many groups take advantage of for bbq and other get togethers. Most school staffs usually plan a Tanabata party of some kind or another to mark the event. As

School Lunch in Okinawa Japan for July 2-6

Monday July 2 Milk, barley rice, mozuku stuffed fried egg, daikon bushii, orange Monday’s meal was on the far side of tasty, but for me it wasn’t much of a surprise since daikon was featured so heavily in the bushii.  Stewed daikon (giant white radish) isn’t something you’ll find a whole lot in the West, but its got such a unique mild flavor to it.  The bushii is essentially a light stew of pork, daikon, and other root vegetables that

Goya – The Bitter Melon

One of the most popular aspects of Japanese culture throughout the world is its unique culinary traditions.  There are innumerable three, four, and five-star restaurants domestically, while sushi, teriyaki, and even teppanyaki have become well-known internationally.  Still, there are many delicious and healthy Japanese food items that have yet to hit the mainstream.  Today I hope to introduce you a bitter melon that can do more than fill your belly. This article covers a lot!  I go from seed to dish

Neko Attack! Cats in Japan

If you’ve ever read this blog before and thought, “It needs some cats,” then today is your day. When I think of Japan, cats aren’t the first thing that come to mind. I don’t know the history of cats in this country, only that they are here, and in many places there are a lot of them. Then again, as far as pop culture goes cats and Japan are pretty well-connected. The world’s best known Japanese commercial icon after all

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