Neko Attack! Cats in Japan

If you’ve ever read this blog before and thought, “It needs some cats,” then today is your day. When I think of Japan, cats aren’t the first thing that come to mind. I don’t know the history of cats in this country, only that they are here, and in many places there are a lot of them. Then again, as far as pop culture goes cats and Japan are pretty well-connected. The world’s best known Japanese commercial icon after all is Hello Kitty (or Kitty-chan in Japan). A popular and long running animation in Japan is also based around a magical cat from the future called Doraemon.

In my own experiences living in rural Japan, I’ve found there are a lot of cats wandering about. However they got here, today they thrive on the lack of predators, and the willingness of gullible humans to give them food.

Most of the pictures below are from around my house since my neighbors and predecessors gave out food, they stuck around. After three years I developed a truce with a couple of them (no food but free neck scratches), until one decided to jump on my back, claws and all while I was gardening.

They are devious little things, growing on you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this extra shot of cuteness with the start of your week.