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Yakisoba Recipe – Japanese Fried Noodles

Yakisoba is a favorite summer food in Japan.  Essentially a conglomeration of fried noodle, vegetable, and meat it is often found at festivals (matsuri) and beach barbecues.   Students also often make this dish during ensoku since they can simply fry their food over a large pan (teppan) and open fire. [A bit of a Japanese lesson- Ever wonder what teppanyaki is?  teppan is pan, yaki is to fry or bake]. Ingredients Cooked noodles – soba noodles usually come pre-cooked in packages like the

Annual Health Check

Japan has a national health care system.  This mean that if you have a job, you likely have medical coverage as well. It can also mean more crowded hospitals with cheaper and sometimes more comprehensive care. Part of the coverage comes in the form of ‘mandatory’ yearly heath checks.  Every year, people over the age of 20 (that’s the adult age here) are required to have a full physical exam. Depending on age is how complete the exam is, but

School Lunch in Japan May 24 – Jun 1

Thursday May 24 Milk, chahan, lotus root steamed dumpling, vegetable soup Oh chahan, you can never go wrong with chahan.   A delicious mix of rice, fried pork, egg, and vegetables all in one dish.  Along side, we had two lotus blossom meat steamed dumplings (a mouth full for sure!) and a hearty Chinese vegetable soup with chingensai, pork, carrot, and mushroom, and more. This type of meal reflects the strong Chinese influence in the Okinawan islands.  A local fusion

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