Iwatayama Monkey Park

When you think of Kyoto, the first images you conjure are likely of temples, geisha, or tea houses, yet there is far more to see around the City.  One of Kyoto’s interesting features is the beautiful green mountains that surround the city, many of which have permanent kanji designs that are lit aflame during festivals.  One of the mountains without a symbol is Arashi Mountain, just east of the city.  There, high above the urban sprawl of ancient and modern buildings is the Iwatayama Monkey Park.

The park hosts around 150 Japanese monkeys along with a scenic forest walk.  From the entrance there is a hike through tall trees that will eventually bring you to the top where the monkeys come to play and feed.  There is a rest house where you can feed the monkeys as well as several other view points.  Form the Top you can see the entirety of Kyoto spread out before you.