How You Know You’ve been in Okinawa Too Long

These lists are pretty common, and a friend of mine pointed one out about Japan awhile ago.  This has been stewing around my server for a while, but I thought as summer and a “SUPER” Typhoon are heading for us, some humor might be appropriate.  Here’s my list… add yours!


You’ve seen traditional Okinawan dance

Obon is accompanied by eisa and sometimes fireworks

You know what goya is.

You like goya.

You grow your own goya.

Your idea of formal wear includes brightly colored short-sleeved shirts (kariyushi)

You are just beginning to understand some of what the grandparents are saying after they’ve had a few

You call mainland Japanese naichi

You may feel uncomfortable in large crowds

You wear long sleeves in summer

You actually know a few of your neighbors

You opt for watermelons instead of pinata

You think soba should always be in a broth

You believe anything can be made into chanpuru

You like spam

Your food sometimes has multiple identity crises.

You think a Japanese guitar is called a sanshin instead of shamisen

Your house is tiled in red clay

You think 10k is far away

You say ‘aga’ instead of ‘itai’ when you get hurt

You’re in a moai

You only visit Kokusai-dori for the side-street shopping or to show a friend

There are shisa outside your home

‘Instant Ramen’ means going around the corner to your favorite ramen shop

Your idea of an onsen (Japanese public bath) is the Ocean

You’re surrounded by many, many wonderful people

Add some more!  Comment and I’ll bump them up into the post!

**From Dave in Miyako**

You drink Awamori… And enjoy it.

Sanpincha is your tea of choice.

(for the ladies) you haven’t worn high heels in years.

You can go home from work for lunch.

Washing machine is located outside your apartment.

You get 2000yen notes from the ATM.

You share your apartments with geckos. You’ve had at least one appliance suffer death by gecko.


You think 12 degrees Celsius in winter is cold  – Dave (another Dave)