Kinjo Town Rock Road Part 2

Here’s part two and the second half of our trip through Kinjo Town’s Ishidatami, the Rock Road around Shuri Castle in Okinawa.  From the rest house, we started climbing uphill.

Just up the way is an area called Uchinagusukudake.  The place has several small shrines, shisa, and trees that are over 200 years old.










The area has Giant Akage (bischofia javanica) This tree is over 300 years old and has a small red gate and shrine in front of it.  Especially old and large trees are often thought to contain spirits or kami.











This section of the rock road goes through a small residential neighborhood.  This wall had beautiful purple flowers, the same I had seen earlier at the soba restaurant.


Just around the corner I found these Orchids and another red flower similar to a peace lilly but with red.










After walking through the area with flowers, the path heads down again and back towards Shuri Castle.  Here’s another map of the route through Kinjo Town.


Since it was Golden Week and there were many tourists, we didn’t enter Shuri Castle.  On the left is the gate leading into the Castle Grounds, and on the right is an old stone gate to the Ryukyu Kings’ Tombs.

Past Shuri, a path curved down through the surrounding greenery.  Here you’ll find a barred gate which is the entrance to a tunnel that housed the 32nd Army Headquarters Shelter.  The tunnels housed over 1000 people before they were evacuated and mostly destroyed.


Past the Headquarters is a small pond with a small island in the center.  Here I caught a family of Mandarin Ducks walking nearby.

Ryutan pond is past Shuri Castle on the North side.  Around it there are many tree-shaded paths with relatively tame animals all over.

Along the left side of the pond, I found these tall plants with striking red flowers in bloom.



Aside from the ducks, Ryutan pond is full of carp and snapping turtles.  This was at the far corner where the trees and history meets the modern city around Shuri.

I hope you enjoyed Kinjo’s Ishidatami.