School Lunch May 10-16

Thursday May 10









Milk, vegetable soba, tempura benimo, orange

This meal is just shy of a 5 on the rice meter thanks to the orange and adopted-ness of soba.  Though it’s ‘vegetable’ it still has pork in it.  Soba is a common noodle in Japan, here its served with a broth (not shown) that will heat the noodles and veggies.  The benimo is a type of sweet potato that is purple in color.  It was covered in tempura flower then fried.

Friday May 11









Milk, barley rice, nikujaga, pickled salad, almond karu

Neither meat nor potatoes are very Japanese, but this meal is saved from being a 3 by that little packet you see next to the milk.  Nikujaga is simply ‘meat and potatoes’ (niku=mean jagaimo= potatoes).  Its a delicious dish that is essentially potatoes boiled in water, soy, a bit of sugar, and other seasonings with meat and other vegetables, then cooked down so that the broth becomes more of a sauce.  The potatoes get the brown color from the soy.  Very delicious, and a definite adaptation from Japan.  The salad was various young vegetables and a little ham in a sweet/sour dressing.

Finally the little packet is almond slivers and mini dried fishes meant to be eaten whole.

Monday May 14









Milk, barley rice, beansprout salad, sho-ronpo-, chingensai soup, grapefruit

This meal has a definite Chinese bent to it, with meat filled dumplings (sho-ronpo-) and the soup.  This is probably one of my favorite soups, with egg, mushroom, chingensai (the leafy vegetable), and the harusame (bean noodles) we saw last week.   The salad was mostly beansprouts with ham and spinach.

Tuesday May 15









Milk, kufa-ju-shi-, baked fish, tofu soup, passion fruit jelly

This is a pretty Japanese meal, with seasoned rice (I’ve never made it but its similar to fried rice, only not fried.  Checkout the link above to a recipe in Japanese, the pictures kinda show how it goes).  The fish was baked in a slightly sweet sauce.  The soup was made with yushi dofu, a crumbly kind of oily? tofu in a broth.

Wednesday May 16









Milk, chicken curry rice, daikon and cucumber salad

A simple, quick, delicious meal.  Everything you need to know about chicken curry can be found here.  The salad was daikon and cucumber in a sweet and sour dressing with bonito flakes.

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