School Lunch May 1-9

Thursday April 26









Milk, chahan, shrimp and vegetable dumplings, harusame soup

This meal was from last month, but thanks to Golden Week and two Ensokus it never saw the light of More Thing Japanese.  So I’m including it here.  Chahan is one of my favorite meals and this one was no exception. Harusame is a thin clear noodle made of beans.  It was in a broth with hakusai and mushrooms.

Monday May 7









Milk, barley rice, mapodofu, bansansu

This one is the first 5 in a while.  We’ve had this meal before, so it seems like mapodofu (マーポーどーフ)and bansansu (バンサンスー)go together rather often.  Mapodofu is almost a kind of stew with tofu, while bansansu is a salad with harusame (those bean noodles from the 26) cucumber, egg, and ham in a vinegar dressing.

Tuesday May 8









Milk, barley rice, teriyaki chicken, goya chanpuru, sumashi soup

In Japan, May 8th is read ‘go-gatsu yokka’ changed a little it comes out close to goya.  So May 8th is Goya Day! As such we have goya chanpuru.  Goya is a summer food and isn’t quite in season yet, but Goya Day sort of kicks off the season anyway.  You might notice that the rice and soup are backwards on this tray.  Normally, rice is on the left, but whoever prepared this one got them confused.  After almost four years here, it threw me off a bit!  The soup was mostly leek in sumashi or ‘clear broth’  The stock is strained so that only the flavor remains, then vegetables are added.

Wednesday May 9









Milk, bread, hamburger, burdock and nut salad, vegetable soup

This one gets a solid 2 on the Japanized scale.  It would be a one except for the ‘salad’  I doubt anywhere in america has ever served a burdock and nut salad… but they should.  Even the hamburger isn’t quite foreign.  In Japan its common for burgers to be served like this, on their own.  It wasn’t until I started making a sandwich with the bread and veggies that my co-workers said ‘good idea’ and started making their own.  If there’s one thing that is not Japanese… it’s a sandwich (feel free to send some sourdough bread my way btw).

Anyway, the burdock and nut salad also had raisins, carrots, and other veggies in a mayo based sauce.  This made it into a pretty interesting combination of sweet, crunchy and savory, and helped the relativity unseasoned burger along nicely.  The soup was a simple vegetable stock with cabbage, onion, and carrots.

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